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1 – Lesson 1

Ideas are all available already!

Smart reading (Read first and last chapter, pick the gold nugget from each book first)

Inspect friends of successful people (e.g. Facebook)

Picture losing everything: Is it really that bad, severe?

-        Know yourself

-        Have the successful mindset

-        Perpetua’s personal growth

-        Meditation

-        Will power

-        Eliminate bad habits

-        Focus on few specific things

-        Discipline

-        Work productively


In which field can you be world-class?

Anticipate trends, invest, get more money (Replacement animal products, cryptos)

What are your major weaknesses?

Slow adaptability in disciplinary subjects













2 – Lection 2

Bring in crucial people into your life. People who change your brain to the good.

Teach someone to fish, he’ll provide for himself then. Give someone fish, they’ll stay dependent and weak.

How much do you invest in yourself? Your brain is the most powerful tool.

The computing powerful of 1 Smartphone today is the same as the whole power worldwide in the 60s.

Just do anything when the perfect thing isn’t available! Better than do nothing!

Entrepreneur’s thinking: Solve every-days-problems

Greatest gift we got: To think through things

Do less mistakes than other people?

When planning: Line plan out, put in time to find answers

A friend sharpens another human, as stones sharpen stones

Stick to well thought-through-plan, finish it, there’s no perfection.

All things add up:




You’ll get more than 1 chance in life to climb up ladder.

Never stop investing in your brain

Set up realistic schedule

Life: Plan + execute. Repeat, repeat.







3 – Billionaires brain & J. Lo’s Voice

What is your plan to start deserving what you want in life?

“Are you worth a damn”?

Book: Charlie Monger

Most people are victims of their own making! They think: Things sort themselves out, things happen without doing anything.

Buffet’s story: At school: in which lad would you invest money in when knowing you’ll get 10% of his all-life-income? It’s not always the most intelligent or prettiest.

How can you find out a 3-year-old is intelligent? If it shows adaptiveness

Have massive awareness of life!

Focus on the now: how can I get successful?

Most people complain about external factors, don’t look for errors in themselves.

Medic gives more value than cinema ticket vendor, therefore his salary’s higher.

When doing more sport, eat healthier: you deserve to lose weight. Bill Gates deserves more than mediocre people, he worked his are off 19 years.

Nelson Mandela also had a deserving factor which is huge.

World is much fairer than media tells you.

Equality doesn’t exist for everything: People who deserve more, should get more.

Don’t care about meaning of life. Worry about how and what part do you play in life.

When being aware you don’t need to wonder anymore.

J. Lo’s voice: Most amazing voice, she’s entertaining.

Medic gives more value than cinema vendor, his salary higher

Like; eat more vegetables, doing sport; you deserve what you want;

Lose weight

Bill Gates deserves more than others, he hasn’t taken day off in 19 years

Nelson Mandela, their deserving factor its going through the roof

World much fairer than media tells you

Equality. Not everything. People who deserve more, should get more.

What meaning of life – I don’t care much. How do I play my part in my life?

Mirror Naked, every day. To get what you want, you need to deserve it.

If you are aware, you are no longer wondering

J. Lo Voice: Most amazing voice, she is entertaining. If you want to be famous, u need to be aware of what people want

Whole package important, marketing tour PR, voice

Step by step you can achieve things

Who is balanced, aware, focused?

Choose him for 10% income

Awareness Factor makes successful

Important, not the bare idea wins, whole package to awareness wins

Wealth, love health, happiness

1 to 10 what is my wealth deserving factor























TED Lopez

Everyone wants everything, but not prepared to pay price

Mentors can change you, (Imagine Nöldi as personal trainer, Bill Gates s business partner

design your life!

All answer you will not get from 1 person

Ability to copy!

Mentors, Great entrepreneurs have mentor

They are 10, 20 years ahead of you

Find someone who has 10 times more than you

Humility, perseverance

Books, it’s a friend, multiple time event, read it, work with it.

People who have patience, be stoic

You need to toughen up

Beautify, perfectively your life, follow the rules above

Shower cold. The reward is large for the punishment.













4 - Blue-footed booby birds

Best adaptive species survives

We all hard wired to not be successful

Ever been in a friendship, job where to stayed too long. The stimulus was there to leave but didn’t adapt. You wasted time


Success doesn’t go to people with one single great strength one life, one chance to adapt

We have been taught to see black/ white

Edison: 1000 failures, experiments before succeeding

Colonel Sanders; Chicken business with 65

Change: basic law of life

Nothing remains static touched by human

Founder Instagram; Adapted from address to photos

Experiments explain black and white

Every industry; tremendous change

Got to bed every night removing a little bit of ignorance

No 100%, not 100% capitalistic, socialist etc.

Newton’s 3. law for every action, there’s an opposite, equal action

Think different to get results different from others

Stop things you have bad doing

Don’t take things personal

There’s not right or wrong, nothing static

Consciously do things

Read what is in front of your, interpret reality

Don’t be stuck in certainly bias, question yourself.

“My body is perfect as it is”, black white thinking

“Everything’s good”. Bias not reality think

Lay-offs: “I worked for them for 50 years”

Often people stay in relationships, don’t adapt

No guts to quit and move on

I am a changing machine

Your mom loves you for you being you, others don’t

Set an 18 month-goal (running business, cashflow)

What is number 1 Area where you haven’t adapted, Evolved, been too much black white? Experiment?

-        Plan, execute, improve, repeat

-        decisiveness




















5 - Sam Walton’s Night in Bra. Jail

Michael Jordan: No Humility. Coaches said: Disability to listen

 1 Listen

 2 Understand and Comprehend

3 Making it instinctively to your nature

Most people; Inwardly cocky, outwardly humble

M.J. Inwardly humble, outwardly cocky

Look to reality:  most people say: yes, I do it, but they don’t.

Learn from anyone you meet: Walmart CEO wants to learn from newbies

Listen. Implement

Have robin hood mentality: Every person has a piece of gold.

Get it from them

Good artist copy, great one steal (Picasso)

Show that you re humble, don’t tell it CEO crawls on ground to know measurements of floor. What a level of humility

We find answer in humility

Hunt people down for being their mentor, read are very humble

M.J greatest skill was being teachable

Unless you become a child, you want to have the kingdom.

humility in action, be teachable

“The everything stores” from Jeff Bezos

Take notes, when you meet people

Humility. Build another business on a proven business step by step, start with e.g. a 10k Dollar business, then a 100 mio business, successful people have mentors

Rate 1 to 10

Not much effort in reading     ------------------------------------ much effort in reading

Hunting down mentors rarely-------------------

Spending money on becoming robin hood mentality in myself--------------------

Distractions, intoxicants are dangerous

Average score is life quality, fulfillment. Score needs to go up during 67 steps

Great chance of re wiring brain in 67 consecutives steps

From where comes pride, cockiness of people, success less people? Life as we find it, is too hard for us

Substitute of gratification:


Brain (fear area) saves fear memories, disappointments

We cover it up with _____?

People who overcome their fears, are outstanding

Understand your fears, insecurities

Children are humble, because no fear memories

You can’t replenish time, you need to be effective!

18-month window, read more, more audio books

Look for one piece of gold in every person

Get out, find them

How much hours / money are you spending on things you want to do

Increase number!

 The one who does is the reals one

Read the same top 100 books repeatedly

what’s the number 1 area you haven’t been humble enough yet





What can you change?

6 - My poor friends and Cameron diaz


Get friendship with influential people

They listen to certain things a lot more

same people who have what you want!

 Tune in to differences between

1.      Friends who are unhealthy

2.      2 friends who are healthy

Neighbor of tai had parrot: always talking.

 rich in changing world; happy, rich

Speech = reflecting of thinking

Success less people quote other people, are full of opinions

Do business on a market place, no service business

Humbleness; basketball coach, worth millions, asks tai: What’s team x worth, he asks to get to know new smart people. We need to become self-learning machines

Poor friends are mad when hearing criticism

Awareness factor, worth a damn factor

Rich people don’t throw their money away for clubbing etc.

All rich friends are good at math

No snack = discipline = perfect shape

Poor friend = eat shit

Amish community, learn a lot regarding social life and influence people

Don’t discriminate races, discriminate dumb, ideas (rich friends, poor friends)

Poor: not only money counts. life satisfaction is crucial too.

Make careful bets, often the long-term bets win.

Everything you do in life – copy it. It’s a good strategy


Just go where, smart people are, collect their wisdom & expertise

blend your brain with other splendid brains, like sex

Absorb words. Continue step by step to your goal. Who’s closest to the outcome you want?

When releasing kindle, Bezos knew he was killing his previous cash cow. He was aware, reading, absorbing the reality. Be a truth seeker


What is the thing you learned from a in shape person, from happy satisfied person?





















7 - Sculpture vs. the lottery


BIAS: Larger chance dying from a part of a plane than a shark ini the sea


The shark story is the better one for journalists

Stories never told in the media: unfertile skill Washed away and destroyed by over using farming

Bill gates story. We only hear from the ending part of the story (50years old billionaire, not the young 20 years old youngster

Top body builders: you only see them super ripped on top of the magazines

Sculpture approach: Select a rock: Every day chip of piece of it away. Step by step

Rock represents life


Example of body type: Djokovic type be a tennis player. Schwarzenegger type be a body builder

Find the rock, which represent your basic style in life. Think big

Bezos embraces the truth. Media isn’t displaying truth

Control your media use

Avoid the popular stuff, no magazines, narratives bias: this person did this and this and then got rich.

Oversimplification of things

Look at the 18-month period. E. g diet, other changes and then decide

Brain is adaptive machine

Experiment: 27 – Old 100k - +30% p. a. 1 bio

37 old 900k - + 30% p. a. 250mio

Cycles of doubling are the key

Most people waste their life! Begin as soon as possible with cycling

Go to bed every day a bit wiser

Trees which are slow to grow keep best fruits

The media sell you the 8 weeks diet your body needs more time

Happiness: sum of different things you right. The best blend possible is the goal

8 - Martin Seligman salary slave


Discovered “learned helplessness”

Experiment: shocked a dog, trained dogs stay

Wild dogs get out / jump out of the experiment dogs

Modern education’s goal: know history of California, chapter by chapter, we are preconditioned

Better: everyone gets out for themselves in a library and finds out how to do it / look for it

We are caged monkeys in modern education

We are salary slaves

There’s no more 50 years employment

We don’t do things ourselves anymore. Clothing, car etc. helplessness increases, we are passive, waiting for the structure

India: no welfare programs. Dangerous to get into the jungle, out of the cage

US: entrepreneurial jungle, declaring bankruptcy is usual

It’s easier than ever to get out the golden cage, the jungle isn’t that dangerous anymore,

We can afford entrepreneurial risk

90% of assaults happen from people you know

Go deep into your brain. Where do you feel Locked in?

Are dangers really that big?
Bezos: we should innovate out our problems fix yourself out of it, e. g. overweightness

Musk: You get paid in proportion of your ability to solve problems

Go back to 14 years old highest IQ then

What did you wanna do career wise?

Set a goal, you forgot your goal you had with

Colonel sanders: chicken idea, asked 100 people

The last person gave him the credit. He wasn’t helpless

In hind sight: what would you do differently?

So many tools to not be helpless: social media personal coaches


Sleuthing. It gets you killed in the jungle write down Situation where you were helpless what could you have done in hindsight to get what you wanted?

Plan, goal written goals

























9 - The integrated good life

Linearly reductionist: We have been lied to our lives: 9 to 5 work church, family life, holidays etc. these are parts

Integrated life better: when you break up life in part, every part is worthless in itself (linearly

Amish people: life before modern globalism

Integrated isn’t like Sunday = church day

Amish: friends, coworkers, church- members there is no separation

Horrible life: Thank god it’s Friday, change your life

decompartmentalize your life. Have everything you need within 3 km in your life

Liebermann, professor: divided bedrooms haven’t existed earlier, everyone incl. animals slept in 1 room.

My work is my life, my life is my work

If you got 4 weeks’ vacation to look forward to, you hate the 48 other ones.

Integrate life: gym during working /watching video

Bouncing ball for sitting and work in the office read a book during nap time

It will help you fall asleep

Integrate your life. Humans are pack animals

Mothers Teresa: Humanity isn’t happy

Gangs are so prevalent, because you are in a group with a bigger goal, challenge. Meet people through friends

Truth: love, happiness, friends comes from integration of life.

new friend are good, old friends are better

Stop doing things you don’t wanna do just for getting money. You need purpose and vision

If you like tennis, go play it. Find a date there e.g.

integrate your life

You want to be happy?

Don’t wait for the 4-week holiday. Integrate your life

How can you integrity work & health? Nap, tennis during break

Which parts of life can I Integrate /combine?

10 - Warren Buffets Book A Day Diet

We are competition with ourselves

Buffet: one super – power you desire?

Fast reading

The difference between a poor and a rich man’s House: the library

Most people invent blocks to not do things e.g. Reading.

Our common refrain is; why haven’t I been told this 20 years ago.

Trial & error. The gene machine: survival machines who can predict simulate the future are one step ahead of the trial and error machines. Our brain is programmed to simulate future. It saves energy, time and your life.

If you are bad at something: get a coach

Books are easiest way to simulate outcomes. E. g. reading. Contracts before signing em. Only humans can learn beyond instincts.

Through simulating outcomes, you get rich! Only poor people act alone rich people got coaches, tax accountants etc.

Fear is our common emotion

Group: give em 10k. they should read a selection of books for 30 days. They answer is it worth it or not?

Don’t focus on speed – reading. Look for chapters which are relevant. Look for one piece of gold.


1 sure, you miss something. But you would miss other pieces of gold in other books. Increase depth


Tai starts day with a great thinker. Can be 5minutes 1 thought of this thinker


At night. Read biography, they give you coverage

Time its finite, choose the best books

Elementary speed reading: jacket, back, author

1flip through book 5 mins

2 which chapter stands out

3 read one chapter and then you are done. classics books: read slower


Paretto principle 80 effort / 20% output

Buffet reads 8 hours /day reading machine.


We are too soon old, too late smart. Books give you might over your life. You can learn from them to shape better your life.

Cause we’re forced to read in school, we don’t like it.

Few use the narrow path of success.

Get a six-pack for your brain.


What pace do you use for reading?

Why haven’t you been reading, which excuses do you have?
















11 - Stoic vs. Epicurean

Stoics believe you must forgo present pleasure.

Why you have to develop thick skin.

Nations are born stoic and die epicurean. What reaction you get when being stoic?

It gives what you’re looking for.

Humanity has been softer, weaker.

Stoics scarify present luxury for future benefits.

How soft are you? 100-push-ups? Last time eating outsize? Toughen up.

Sheep-sheers got 12-hour-day

Media sells us convenience

The rich use wealth / companies to sell us stuff

The world needs 500 Spartans! They raised their children stoic. Very tough. Take the stairs etc.

Find a balance, YOLO’s not good.

Adopt methodology, rewards are infinite.

Earlier, leaders weren’t elected, they were standing out.

Lift weight, do sport, don’t swig, your muscles need pressure. You need a little stress. Don’t fall into trap of softness. Don’t grow old of lack of use.

Question your conveniences, don’t be a slave to it.

Elevator, phone etc.

What makes you unhappy is being a slave. Burn off some mental fat!

Adapt to stoicism, build it slowly.

Go camping, forget the conveniences for a moment.

Toughen up. Bad situations are here to learn.

Don’t go buy always what you want. Save some money. Toughen up. Exercise. Put some scars on your neck. Don’t be like the mass.

They live a life of quiet desperation, get some scars

We don’t need luxury!

When you pull through the toughness, you feel good.

In what area have you gotten the weakest/softest? 4 Areas

The richest people are stoic investors. Toughen up financially!


























12 – Whispers of 10'000 – generations

End goal: when going with your gut, not always the best way.

Impulses we have, which served us earlier in human history, were passed to us from our ancestors

The world’s changed. « food is scare » if you find sugar, it all of it!

Nowadays there’s so much convenience.

Instincts are not always helpful nowadays. We’re thrown so many wrenches into the machine of our life.

« eat, drink, marry because tomorrow you die » that’s why we like immediate spending.

Change your mind from a consumer’s mind to investor’s mind. Save, plan, invest.

We spent most of our history in small group, rural areas.

Understand evolutionary mismatches.

True bonds of friendship: long ones.

Use money to make you truly happy

Build up financial stability, we are hive creatures.

People with mere friends are happier.

The barrier to get the life is reading books.

You must know the things you cannot change.: Don’t stock sugar, your will power won’t always be stronger than your instincts.

Find the things you can change. Heave the wisdom to know the difference.

Finance: do something. Automated saving plan, perpetual payment.

Hang around the GOOD old friends!

Competition brings out best performance in people

Rules, temptations, circumstances. Be careful, if not you’ll be the sucker financially.

Happiness: serving a greater good. That’s why church, political party football teams work so well.

The Amish build their life, so they need to rely on each other. In modern world, we are not integrated. When ill, we call an anonymous doctor.

In which area is the whispers-of-10k-generations not working in my favor?



13 – Mike’s Stock of resumes

In the past, you didn’t need to know your destiny. One got the business of one’s father.

There wasn’t much choice.

Mentor of tai: pitching jury he is: they must know what they want to do, telling him in just one sentence.

What do you want to do in life (one sentence)?


the 5%-rule: 5% make it, the remaining 95% don’t. M. Jordan wanted to play baseball after basket career. He belonged to the 95%.

You have many choices to be average at something. And few to be outstanding!

Kill the myth that you can be good at many things. Just be good at one thing.

Define 6 words which define your good abilities. (American idol example) a lot of people think they’re good at many things.

Have big goals, don’t be delusional!

What feedbacks do you get? From people who aren’t your friends?

Filter out all complements you get. Most people don’t know their strengths and weaknesses.

College should be admitted AFTER one knows his/her strengths.

Don’t ignore what you have been doing the last 10 years. Adapt, improve, combine.

About what can you talk effortlessly with your friends on a Saturday afternoon? THAT is your thing!

Don’t live another people’s life. Know thyself.

Find your destiny, what makes people fulfilled? The best blend tailored just for you is the secret

Don’t let the media bias you.

Not everyone is fit to be at fighter/wrestler

Other people need to see /understand your message! Keep it simple.

“I want invest money”

“I want to eat more vegetables”

What is your 1-sentence-business-plan?



14 – Amish vacation

How to set up your life that your vacation is your life?

Amish: connected to earth live happy lives. They don’t know the word “vacation”.

Sunday is a “vacation”. They don’t work much. Don’t do something you hate, while you get a vacation to enjoy life.

Avoid what you love, because when you’re forced to do what you love, you lose interest.

Find a balance, where vacation becomes a tiny part of your life.

When people go into vacation for 2 months, it’s often a sign for unsatisfactory of life.

Rich people are “who «lucky??????????

Don’t marry woman you love.

Need for vacation is a symptom caused by a bigger problem. If you’re burnt out, better don’t go back.

Debt trap: house, mortgage, child.

Financial freedom is the goal: there’s no tragic in letting goes an opportunity. Adapt your mind, there will be more in the future.

You don’t want to underestimate things money can do. If you use money as a tool to get to know people/old friends, that’s perfect.

You need downtime, but not calculated vacation

If you’re unhappy staying in the wrong place, move on. Rewire your brain, you need a adapt.

Narrow is the way you really want to go.

Lust goes away (Marriage, passion), don’t do what you’re loving for a living.

M. Jordan hadn’t passion for basketball. He had for baseball! He was tall, so he became a basketball player


Have you been vacation-minded?

When awaked in the morning, have you felt like popping out of bed, changing the world?

Are you in danger to pursue something you lust after?


General Patten was a man of action, Eisenhauer was a strategic planner.

15 – shaolin monk

“why everything is your fault”

Tai tells about his encounter with martial arts teacher: if someone beats you up. It’s your fault because you haven’t been training martial arts.

How would the world be if everyone takes 100% accountability for oneself?

There’s little you can anticipate. Everyone wants to live, (e.g. micro bacteria invading your body.)

Everything we’re not prepared for, is our fault (sloth, procrastination)

Poor friends have 1 little tool they’re good at. The world’s gone fight you. You need several good tools.

No-one wants to crash, few want to do the necessary (preparation)

Humans have been almost always at war.

If you don’t have it in your head, you got to have in your heal.

If you don’t prepare it’s gone hurt!

Learn from another people’s fault. So, you won’t be depressed or frightened if it actually happens. It’s not the same as pessimism

Only in the right context positive or negative words are effective

The shareholders control Walls Street with our 401ks.

We are these shareholders. It’s easy to save money, when you’re unbroke. So, do it when you have money, be prepared. Read the “papers of life”, not newspaper.

So many crises are ahead of us. There’s not one thing that works forever.

The only that’s guaranteed is that you’ll be pushed through time.

Helen Keller was an Optimisten!

Zombies chasing the mirage: lift weights before you get old.

When waking up tomorrow: How can I prepare for the social, financial and health issues / jeopardies in the next 7 days?  Ask yourself, prepare!

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Buffet: When the day comes, I don’t want to rely on the courtesy of others.

We’re simulation machines, self-education.

Find the mentors, meet them before you die. No avocation, no fixation. Be preparation-minded! Fix the things

16 – Descartes & Solving problems with calculator

The truth: which things do I have no doubts about? The rest he can’t believe, Descartes says.

There’s almost no way to be 100% sure about things

The smarter people are the more unsure they are about things.

The only truth seems to be math numbers. Once you understand what math can do for you, you’ll love it.

Be able to quantify in life! Go to essence of things. Learn from the top of the successful people. What makes people rich is investing (real estate, tech) having the right mindset.

Probability of working out (job, 80%) multiplied with salary (100k/ year) which figure is higher.

Apply regret factor (like Bezos when wanting to start his own business)

Put numbers to things, calculate outcome, advantage.

Minimize time spent with people who don’t are useful to your goals.

Get a calculator to make your decisions.

Many things can be wrong in life, but 1 + 1 equals always 2.

You need to qualify risk, may be finance, may be other parts of your life.

In the long run you, calculating risk. If you live this consistent pattern, the likelihood increases of getting successful. If you know you want to be a doctor, go to college. If you don’t know what the purpose is of college, calculate the worthiness! What’s the value mathematically? Probability the thing you wanna buy is worthless tomorrow? Probability that a specific thing makes you happy?

Mindset of investors = calculator

Calculate the important & semi-important things. You get better at doing it every time, get things down to simple math.









17 - Rousseau, Renaissance Man

Humans are simulating machines. Be a renaissance man! Men do things just to impress women.

We tend to follow another people’s life. All people running the world are renaissance people. They learn much things, know what to sell.

Tai’s bookshelf is full of books of several colors.

Download different mind sets. Have broad categories, incl. mentors. You aren’t a great cook with only 2 ingredients.

Don’t sit in your room, and figure it out for yourself. Go ask a mentor.

Much people are a cog in a machine, are just grinding away in a big system

Be the simulator, not the cog.

Everyone gets his chances in life, when you know things, you stand out of the crowd.

The world’s very competitive, be good at ONE thing.

Advantage (soup) city: Many people with different skills & views.

Pick one thing you’re weak on:

The simple solution for it:

This will include conflict, most aren’t tough enough to write down weaknesses & actively change it.

Embrace conflict, a friend sharpens another friend.

It’s a pain in the beginning. Your conception of world will change. The knife of your brain’ gone get sharped.











18 – Elon Musk’s 14-hour-workday

Vs. the 4-hour-workweek: Tesla, SpaceX & Solar company: started from scratch: are still in business.

When you’re working 100h a week, you’ll be faster accomplishing things than other people with 40h a week.

Learn to love grinding. 8h-week-work is too small.

Accomplishments in the past wouldn’t have been accomplished with the 8h-work-week.

4h-week: “don’t ever put that in your brain” – Edison

When looking back, 100 years old: better not regret not have been doing things.

Learn thinking 50 years ahead. If you got everything you wanted right now: there’s no challenge left.

Be a balanced person. Pick smt you want to do.

Name 4 people who had a great impact to your life. How many hours they work per week?

You need to put in hours to get successful. If you’re afraid of long hours, it’s often not laziness. You haven’t found the right thing yet!

Bezos: we are here (planet) to get things done.

Many roads lead to Rome.

Do a list: Who hadn’t impact on world and worked few hours?

When you only looking for working 4 hours a week: what shit job are you wasting on 4 hours a week on?

You get more dopamine, more impact if spending as much time as possible with smt you love!

Figure out ways to spend more hours with smt! You’re in the wrong business when not wanting to spend more hours.

Increase experience happiness!

You’re on the right track when forgetting time spending much hours doing smt

Are you on the wrong? What can you change?

Expand day by day in your chosen area





19 – Man on the Moon contrast

Contrast bias

It took centuries of years, billions of capitals and a large amount of man power to bring man on the moon. We innovate out of problems.

Can you figure out how to make 3k in one day?

It’s 1 mio / year. Which of these 2 is easier?

Can you make 300.- an hour? Find a solution, calculate.

Don’t make the mistake that you switch to another business as soon as the first one works.

Tai’s first business: consulting one-man-company

New Zealand partner of tai: they paid him 5k to write a paper where to buy farm land. Shrink ever. Down and compare it to a big salary.

One conquers fear, the other dies from it.

Schwarzenegger: mentor in south Africa, he said to do 100 lbs calf raiss. Once you see someone do it, it gets possible mentally. Contrast bias. The mind is holding back.

Courage is a gene.

Schwarzenegger figured out work-out 6 hours a day.

When you 100k, you want to live the life-style of 300k. don’t fall into this trap. Control your biases.

If you are a runner, compare yourself to great runners. Step by step. You won’t run 300 miles the first day started running.

Pick a large contrast to switch the button on your head. If you’re rich and live in Beverly Hills, you won’t be happy probably, seek for big contrasts.

The decision-making part of your brain can often sabotage you: the fear doing smt is bigger than the actual hustle.

Ask anyone how busy they are. Why don’t you hire someone? `

Most people care about things like “what should I wear today”? just keep one outfit in your drawer. Spend time with more important questions. Don’t spend much time thinking about stupid/useless things,

If you want to make a million: it’s easy but hard, Easy: read books, get mentor.

If you want to get What do you want, you need to deserve it.

Keep simple things simple. No-one cares if you wear the same underwear for 30 years.

People who do a specific diet: don’t look for it for 20 years, change it today.

Making money is hard

Read stuff about social subject, it’ll give you a huge angle.

What’s the one area you have super fear of?

What’s smt which is super simple, 10 sek. And you use 45 min.?
























20 – amazon & 32k $ Brain budget

Do accurately your books every month, week. Keep track of your expenses

Go back 3 months in your life. You are spending money on useless stuff. How much and for what?

Have the investor mentality. Your brain was evolved into tool.

Amazing dishes are made with much ingredients. Most cook only with 1, 2 ingredients.

Often, they come external sources????????

Your job is to stir the ingredients into new ideas, your own unique soup.

A way to reach this: books, people, seminars travelling.

Beautiful thing about money: the truth is in the middle, can bring you happiness, but not all of it.

Money has potential to kill your or bring better to your life.

What’s the best you can invest in?

Investor mentality: invest in things which will be more precious with time.

Things which depreciate cars, clothes, electronics.

Buy stuff used, free up more cash.

If you’re completely broke: get a library card, get access to the internet, read.

Spend money on the right things: quality what you buy, so there’s seldomly the reality that you want your money back.

Tai bought online-course for 1k$, Cembra-Job he doubled down on education, that’s why he made so much money.

When you’ve extra money, save some or invest.

30% of this extra money: use it for fun. Make it a habit now!

The first person you should hire is a book keeper.

How much money have you available?

Which spending’s can you cut?

What do you invest in?

The thing you’ll make most money is the one which matches best with yours kill set, natural drive etc.

Every business (almost) is run by entrepreneurs

Most people like people like themselves.

20 – Richard Branson’s Hurricane

Redo, remake world in your own image.

Kanye West pictured his life, eventually a lot of things become true.

Richard Branson also reimagined the world, aviation business.

Even if you’re slowly going towards goal, that’s the path of success.

Make it by watching. First watch, secondly do it.

What would you in your day? E.g. wake up later? What makes you move forward in life?

Branson: wants to go anywhere anytime. So, he built up an airline.

Re-engineer what you want to have/do

You got to be skilled, motivated, optimistic.

If you aren’t good enough for basketball player: do smtrealted to it. (coach, trainer, teacher)

Make your life good, be in love of the reimagining process. Do it in your own speed.

When you could do smt endlessly, that’s the right thing. What’s the perfect day look Loke?

What would you be doing?

Socially: are you socially intro or extraverted?

Re-engineer your life around it.

Romance live with intention: health: what should your world look like? Money, socially, happiness.

How are the 4 points gone happen?

Dream big, imagine things, he’s around ideas, changing the world like Bill gates is.

“screw it, let’s do it”. Richard Branson








21 – Mastering the 4 PASE

Nearly 7 bio people live on the world

Majority of your day you think of smt socially, that’s our Brain. High on top of skill list needs to be:

1.      How to read, persuade people

2.      Turn into friends & allies

3.      Understand types of people

Think of how to analyze people, relate to them. Alliances win wars.

PASE – Practical – Action – Social – Emotional

Every person should be like Casanova: he had connections with influential people.

You must know people’s type before persuading them.

Know your internal dialogue: what do you need to convince, manipulate yourself.

P: are slower, are planners, not super-flexible, number-fixated

Goal: all the good things of PASE. Take it and blend it to your new personality.

A: are starters igniters, visionary, they know what they want. They don’t stick to things often, little patience.

S: They don’t like plans to match. Are different, go with the flow, are social

E: often don’t stand up for themselves. Are sensitive, intuitive. Easily offended, driven by fear.

S an A go together, P and E. The most adaptable survives.

Change your way of talking, behaving and gestures depending on person you’re interacting to.

Synthesis: people are different in different groups humans tend to gravitate to extremes. Avoid extremes ideologies.

Start listening more. Assess people. Start assessing yourself, then an acquaintance, then strangers.

Which are you? PASE? And why do you think that?

Which one is the weakest?

What is your mom & dad?

How bring each of these into your life?

Write down activities to get some touch of each part.

P: Make plan, make list, make taxes

A: some things you have been procrastinating

S:  Go to random party of colleague

E: Go to homeless shelter, go to retire home.

Learn to understand people, you’ll be more social, persuasive and happier.

























22 – the 7-fold path to obvious signs

Earlier in history of humanity, world was black/white, great dangers.

Most People want to make change out of an emotion. Fear, anger, jealousy.

Jeff Bezos: truth: he’s embracing truth. Most ppl doesn’t base their actions on truth.

The black/white-thinking was helpful 1000s of years ago. Read the obvious signs in life.

Stand in front of mirror: would you date yourself?

Not everything in your control. Change the things which are in your control.

Log in to your bank account. Does it show balance you want to have?

Take careful assessment yourself. What to do now?

What takes you efficiently to your goal and what isn’t?

Sugar rush, cigarettes e.g. are short-time pleasures. Like geometry. Which is the shortest way?

7-step-method replacing the old black/white thinking.

1.      Ask question

2.      Research

3.      Make sample answer (thesis)

4.      Test it, observe

5.      Observe test

6.      Step back, analyze

7.      Ask ppl for review

Make war with multitude of chancellors

99% of ppl quit after 2, 3 experiments. The other 1% got a lot of money, because they did a lot of experiments.

Bezos is only bound to laws of physics.

Everyone’s viewpoint sounds good ‘til you hear the other side.

Picking sides is black/white stone-age-thinking

Check yourself before wrecking yourself

Exceptions: test them if they work for you.

Not every solution is solved by a hammer.

Don’t stick to 1 experiment for 10 years.

Who to help? Lion cub or gazelle baby? Should lion eat and kill the gazelle?

When don’t know what to do, do just smt?

Health: where have you been too much black/white? How change it?

Career: what experiment haven’t you done yet?

Social: Where have you been struck?

Happiness: What hasn’t worked in the past? What can you do?
























23 – landing your plane on the great wall

Bypass obstacles in life

You have to make the plane land where you wanna have it.

The grind of life is life. Life will give you several blows.

Life: getting from point to point. How can you take the plane and force.it to where you wanna have it? force of will. Have faith feeling the success before you have it.

Get a realistic sense what you wanna do / accomplish

Innovate your way out of problems, (wall), we often hit the wall of life. And do it again & again, but it’s no use. Innovation ‘ll get you over.

It’s the innovation mentality. E.g. Sledge hammer to hammer wall down. Shovel: dig under wall, ladder or run around wall, take helicopter etc.

Almost always 5, 6 ways out of it. the landing point is there, you need to innovate to get there.

The things you hate it’s an ignorance, unwillingness inability of power of innovation.

Goal: you wanna travel the world. You need to record music. App try pod.

Bombard the problem with different solutions.

We are fighting against non-influenceable powers sometimes.

Cease the minute. Get through an existent problem today. You may need to pick a phone, get answers from wise ppl.

Body is combination of 1000s od parts. Every wall made of several bricks. The first brick is the hardest to destroy in the wall.

???Literary????  reduce problems. You lack 1000.- what is this amount divided into 30 days?

As soon as you wrecked the first wall, there’ll be next walls. As you go through the walls, keep innovating, getting more efficient. That’s life.

Learn to start loving it. like parcourse sportsmen.

Seek to make your life long. Do not cry when time’s coming. You’ll never make it. you’ll be depressed if you were finished.

Have you plan which can create faith?

How strong, 1 to 10, is your ability to create force of will?

What have you lost perspective in?

The wall’s gone come eventually. Make the plane land on that wall. The end is the end. No need to get there soon.

24 – Ghandi’s funeral

In life, our subconscious is always testing us. It’s an algorithms machine. Depression: helps you to realize when adding up health, physical health, accomplishment, disrespectful peers, your unconscious mind isn’t healthy, subconsciousness comes up with a strategy to be positive.

When you die, how much ppl show at your funeral?

Good to assess your life.

Who did pass this test? Nelson Mandela.

When Gandhi died: same.

Our education system rewards us prizes for activities, wage system, you train ppl to stretch hours, when 10 tasks over 10 hours: they stretch hour, when 2 hours. They’ll find a way to do it in this time.

There’s 2 kind of friends.

First: doesn’t come to party, has several excuses afterwards second: war-type. Mindset correct, gets things done.

Think with the end in mind.

4-front-war: move toward pleasure and go away from pain.

Define an end goal for your life. “I wanna look like a sportsman”

Financial independence, scarcity get a bone. Prosperity & wealth Impact.

Social war, get % influence ppl

Happiness = Fulfillment

If you win all 4 of them, you won the funeral test.

Happiness you’ll feel only in a group.

The men who manage money, manage all. You’ll need a little bit of charity in your life. Art, music, part of a cause bigger than you.

A good dish also has several in gradients. Read the ingredients of a chocolate bar!

Run everything through this framework: 4 wars and funeral test, keep the end in mind., has it a bigger impact?

If you were 18 again, what’d you do different?

You get off track because you don’t define specific goals/settings.

67 steps are a new jump start, forming habits.

Never doubt, you’ll be a billionaire, write down goals

As you look at ppl you admire, they aren’t perfect. Better do smt knowingly than unknowingly.

How would pass funeral test in your opinion? Do you have clearly defined war-winning concept?

What does no?????????? look like love, social, wealth, happiness?

What has been the weakest one?

Stick with things that wins wars. Delegate the rest to others

Slaves cannot revolutionize, cause their indoctrinated. War-winning-mentality’s absent.

Don’t be good at the wrong thing.





















25 – Joel Salatin on Nature

Has a farm with livestock. Nature laughs last.

Other humans. Not much control over them, decay of body

Once you get the rules, you’ll be 1 step ahead.

Most ppl’s business progress like child’s: 1st year it keeps you awake. After some years it takes care of you, or even decades.

Things happen rather slowly. Natural progress of timing you cannot influence.

Most entrepreneurs change too much. Stay longer in a chosen area.

Respect of seasons – Colonel Sanders

Seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter.

All media: we only see ppl in their autumn. It’s a media bias. Strong persons have strong 4 seasons

Spring:  till age 25, summer till ca. age 50.

Winter is cold, you easily lose faith in life. It’s the time to do research.

Spring: the planets are tested, it’s a phase of planning & being tested. It’s a phase of planning & being tested.

Summer: time of activity, put your eggs in 1 basket and watch it. less experimenting.

What industry can you see yourself in the next years?

Focus on doing things right in each cycle.

Autumn is the shortest often, enjoy it. focus your brain for the non-visible things, the media doesn’t show.

Baby’s need to baby. If you’re out of shape, your body needs time for metabolism.

If you’re starting to push on nature, there’s gone be side effects (steroids for fitness)

Get into the wheel, better not crushed by it.







26 – belt, suspenders, failing to fail

How often you wanna an airplane engine to fail?

For a million times you do smt, 5 times it goes wrong if you could decrease the amount of failures you do, imagine how it improves your life.

Shortness of life: problem: we act as it were long or even endless. Trial and error take time can be costly. What can I do to increase efficiency?

Errors needn’t to be your own:

Sometimes your belt fails you. Things go wrong the exact worst time.

No single points of failure! Expectations of failure is the greatest reason why you have failure.

Always have 2 belts, sometime the first fails, that’s the time you’ll need it.

Fail to fail?

In order to decrease failures, create perfect system.

The most valuable besides time is energy. Do the hard stuff in the morning, glycogen is limited, build forgiveness in into systems, sometimes they gone fail.

Keep fingers on pulse of things. In business: double-check your employees in future. Expect things to go wrong. If you do, Then they won’t!

Military: Always prepare for 3 things

A: Absolute best. Build a plan around it.

C:  Worst-case. Everything goes wrong, you’re bankrupt etc. Plan around it.

“We spend time. We don’t live. Do difficult things when it’s easy to do.”

Be careful about delusional optimism.

B: Most-likely-scenario. Plan for it.

6-sigma: Motorola: 17 bios $ were saved by 6-Sigma.

Sigma level 1: 69%mistakes

Sigma level 2: 35% mistakes

Sigma level 6: 4.4 mistakes / Mio – 0.006%




Life is planning & executing

First: Idea

second: plan

 third: Execute

increase your knowledge level. Simulate other ppl’s mistakes: if you got 1 mentor, get 2 mentors, where are you at, sigma level?

What’s the reason you are at that level?

Point A: current situation

Point B: Where you wanna be. Which plan do you need to apply?

What practical, easy thing can you change to go further?



















27 – Frontman & 2 Ways to Pick your trench mate

You must have allies to be successful, adaptively functional, coalition.

Fitness, business, love, family whatever part of your life. We’re hard-wired to be social. We live in a world of exchanges (money)

Financial independence is goal of 67 steps.

You’re in battle with forces of nature, decay of own body.

Business is modern warfare, you aren’t winning any battle.

Buffet: Intelligence, Integrity, Energy.

Audit your life, what’s loyalty factor of your collaborators.

Marry someone opposite of you. With other strengths than you: every business partnership. You need people who are extraverted & introverted.

1.      Loyalty

2.      Complementary

There are well-rounded-teams, not individuals. Someone who doesn’t compete with you.

When picking allies, what’s important.

what’s the methodology to select business partner?

Forget interviews, you just get good actors, who are good at interviews. References are more important.

The background of people can define the future of ppl. Often you need to dig deeper. Co-workers you need to ask (“Charlie-Monger-Way”)

A: Black Stone: Does direct interviews over one year. It takes a year to gather enough information, get to know the ppl. About 27 interviews does Blackrock

B: Or more than 2 ppl need to approve a new collaborator. Loyalty needs to build, most important factor.

Where have you been betrayed?

Have you followed A & B?

What can you do differently next time?

Same questions in a business scenario?

Same questions romantically?



You wanna have skilled ones, with scars, not the ones with bad former business partnership?


























28 – Lao Tzu’s and John Wooden’s Terrible No good very bad day

A man makes his own luck

There’s an element in your life that you have no control over (tallness etc.)

Things you can control (appearance etc.)

Do things, which are difficult – when it’s easy.

99.99% of people don’t prepare, wait til situation is out of control.

Don’t care much what YOU think about things. (mentor)

Prepare door tomorrow for today (John wooden TED)

It’s inevitable that a rainy day comes. Form a new habit during tooth brushing. (my notice: plan during tooth brushing)

One can over- or underplan. You’ll always second-guess yourself, even if think you’ve all under control.

Banks only lend money to people who don’t need it, because they can pay it back.

People want to save money when they got none! Same with fitness (when they’re out of shape)

Let fear drive you to the top, not paralyses you.

When you got smt hard to do, jump right into it, fast. Half of it will be done before you notice.

what’s smt hard you have put away and hit you later badly?

What is a bad procrastination you have?

Focus on one thing to change it.










29 – Stephen Hawking

Book: Theory of Everything. Theory that time would reverse, future happens before past. But theory is wrong, says Hawking.

That means: Life’s long if you know how to use it

Things get more disorderedly over time. We humans are moving through time. We are wasting time.

We make life short like that, our false assumption: that we got enough time.

Money can be lost & remade.

Question now: what do you invest in?

We waste time helping another ppl (employment) getting rich

Goal: injection of your resources, time etc. into YOUR life. Take time for YOUR life! If you don’t do this, your wealth slowly deteriorates.

When young, easy to eat at McDonald’s. Every day it gets harder to be lean.

Inject energy into yourself! Fight entropy, don’t rush it, keep surge to your body, mental, health. Etc.

Remember the future (prepare!) there’s a way to know the future: learn from others, learn 67 steps.

You’re transcending time when learning from great ppl in the past.

You can consult with them daily.

Choose the family you want to be adopted in.

Your enemy is expectancy, commit to invest in your brain. Learn from the great ppl.

The penalty not doing this is making life shorter, painful than it needs to be.

Don’t fear what ppl already have been through in the past.

How’ve you been squandering your time?

Who should you embrace (books, subjects) to learn?

What do you do to slow down entropy?






30 – Peter Drucker

Drucker: Removing ignorance, disabling ignorance

D. Rumsfeld: Known knowns there are. Things we know, some we don’t. unknowns’ unknowns too.

1. things we understand

2. things you know, you don’t know (black hole)

3. Unknown unknowns (disabling ignorance, tai: invention of rules)

Which things disable you, are holding you back (smt you know)

Disabling ignorance: “I don’t wanna be billionaire, so I don’t read Buffet”. Nevertheless, you can learn from him.

The mind ‘s like an attic. It gets full. We invent rules, that’s why we’re ignorant.

You need funded convictions.

In every era of humans, there’s ignorance. (sub-humans, women)

We’re ignorant, because we think we know too much. Plant a rule into your head (e.g. an apple a day keeps the doctor away). He reaps health long-term.

Rules about how you critique others: ask why “Justin bieber’s dumb”. Is it really true?

Diet cults: are plants also killed? The freshly mown smell, is it blood of plants?

Politics is full of foolishness & ignorance.

Being better arguing the opposite, before you should be convicted.

Don’t be ashamed if you change your beliefs

A believe you held many years now you don’t believe anymore?

Have I ever challenged what I believe, switched side?

Argue the opposite side, as you want to disprove yourself/other side.







31 –

Men who manage men     manage men who manage things.

But men who manage money, manage ALL!

Manage people, you’ll get more money than one that manages things. Manage money for earning more than the one who manages people.

First, learn to manage people. Any where’s need to manage people. Reciprocal, mutual management is meant.

Control people in a positive outcome.

People who quitted job, delegated their job to other ones.

It’s your fault, if people wreck you from the SECOND time on.

From Shalini he learnt, outsourcing project India. You can’t delegate things you don’t know about.

If you do nonetheless, things will be in shambles after having delegated.

Before going to a doctor: get to know the basics.

Never has anyone your best interests at heart! But you.

Sam Walton: over the shoulder management. If you do that with people, no-one wants to work with you. Trust, but verify.

Every above-average person wants to rise more. Take some minutes to know basics about things (medical, plumber etc.) gain some knowledge.

Basics of life: not too much, to not lose focus on your strengths.

What’s a nightmare story regarding delegating?

What are same things you need to do / make in your life (basics)?

What are you delegating without enough knowledge?

When injecting energy / into things, you need to verify less and less.

Hold people more accountable, they perform better then.






32 – slot machine Probability & chasing mirage

If your direction is off a little distance, you’ll miss the moon by 500 miles.

Most people haven’t hit moon in life yet. People have false convictions, that’s why we think the world’s bad.

Every -……...? you should put away 1 great conviction.

Humanity gets more insight with every insight.

Most people chase mirages (unreal place). We need to know stuff. (e.g. were certain that’s right to have slaves)

Try living a live with less convictions and more investigations. Stop being so black & white.

You’ll never quite know. Accept some in certainty.

Move toward a certain slot machine probability.

Imagine 2 Slot machines: $10 and $25-machine. (representing choices) you win every time $10, every 20th time with $25-machine.

You can do all the right things in life. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you’re lucky.

How do we know what to know about things?

People chase the 1 in 20 mirages. Why would you do that? Desert is full of bones looking for mirages.

Life’s like being in a cave. Most people keep deep in the cave. There’s a fire a see shadow.

They think its reality, but it’s not. You need to come out the cave.

There’s time to get big risks. Sometimes you going to do the right things in life but not successful. In life there’s not always a mommy present rewarding your goodies & money.

Building skills is the key, it’s a good slot machine to bet on. People love get-rich-fast-seems.

It’s a fast-rewarding system (slot machine)

“if you can trust yourself, when everyone isn’t, when you can keep your head when all are losing theirs, if nor fools nor friends can influence, the worlds going to be yours.”

If you can stick to the plan, go the most likely plan, yours will be the earth.

When dieting, often you don’t see immediate results.


what’s something you gave up too quickly?

What’s a resolution you see clearly now?

what’s the clear path you should’ve been taken?


The scary thing about life: money can be lost but regained (Trump)

Time is what gets lost!

Waste your money, don’t waste your time!























33 – Teaching pigs to fly & pushing on strings

Acquisition of knowledge is not as precious as application of it.

Application & reward go hand in hand.

When to preserve, when quit?

As you encounter ppl / situation, they must because they annoy, ruined your finances, happiness etc.

A pig: doesn’t know, doesn’t want to know. Both.

Always separate pigs from the innocently ignorant. Don’t give your pearls to swine, if you try to help ppl. They don’t value them, are just harmful, steal your time etc.

There are things you cannot conquer.

The fine line between impatience and too patient.

Got to be wise: pick one tool

Don’t try to teach a pig to fly. You can’t push them. That’s how ppl is. We all have been pigs in ou lives. Pigs eventually get around it.

Meet the ready, willingly people.

Control the rewards of the ppl you wanna influence (feed pigs in the trailer)

Pain & discomfort get ppl to get things done.

Change the reward structure.

Change punishment & reward structure, flip the switch. Some pigs are moveable, some not.

Don’t be impatient. Let it come in its time, don’t have an egocentric time frame. Let it happen!

Some ppl’ll never align with you. Cut ’em out like cancer. Don’t have too much patience.


what’s an example of person that’s a pig? Describe.

How are you going to cut ‘em out your life?

Example of you pulling string (reward / punishment)

What do you need to do gain wisdom to know the difference?




Bill gates & 10 Dark Years

Overcome media cognitive bias, we’re bombarded by stimulus, advertising.

We don’t have total control of our brains. We’re sense creatures.

YouTube: watching music: multiple senses are used. Simultaneously you’ll get subtle messages. You’re dressed right now by media. Your dressed like someone you saw in the media. 50 years ago, there wasn’t mass media.

1 specific area: you’re perception of time frame. Ppl forget story of B. Gates before ge was famous, “ten dark years”.

Geniuses: their best works took ten years.

Time line you expect, you need how to learn to live. We need to learn to live. We need learn it from parents. Most haven’t had such parents.

Some conquer fear, some die from it.

M. Jordan needed much time to be committed to basketball player.

We don’t hear the story of 10 dark years from media. We grow up with the lottery-ticket-mentality.

A fence you build fast, gets torn down fast. You must have lived hardships with people to get deep friendships with ‘em.

You need time to build muscles, you can’t speed up by going 12 hours / day to the gym.

The key to successful investments is low expectations.

Baby vs. business: the first years, you’re sleepless you need to put a lot of time in it.

Eventually, the child takes care of you, when you’re old.

You might be on the right track. But with wrong time frame & wrong expectations. Temptation to give up is greatest when you’re close to succeeding!

Most investing ROI is ca. 6%, don’t have too big expectations. Unrestricted growth: we call it cancer!

Limit the news you watch, read autobiography of the people. Reason: full story!

Good news: time frame short able

Example of unrealistic time for health, dating, wealth, training your mind.?

What is more realistic time frame for each of these?




35 – ignoring 99% and 1 in 10 rules

Secret of life: ignore 99% of advice of ppl

We tend to be democratic: we ask 10 ppl about a question. Every answer is valued equally.

Don’t ask: find the 1 person with expertise behind it.

Focus on a low percentage of books. There’s no one person, who gives you all the answers in life.

Read one special book over & over again.

Time, energy is limited! Seek for the gold nuggets!

what is the people, who know what they do, say? Do you listen to a doctor or your buddy? Start being pickier.

10%-rule: Most likely you’ll have 10% of success of the mentor/people you listen to. Go straight to the top: 10% of billionaire’s wisdom is more than a millionaire. you need to be enlightened.

It’s a philosophical change, are most effortless, after you get over it.

B pickier who you allow into your space at al. it’s hard to ignore the human senses (ears e.g.)

Cut friends out. The manipulate your brain & hinder you to meet the ppl you should hang out with.

Rank 1 to 10: love, health, wealth and happiness.


What about average books, relationships, business, partnerships, mentor, videos you watch?

Who are you listening to which doesn’t correspond to the 2 rules here?

Bad sources of info, relationships

Ideas about fulfillment, you shouldn’t listen to?

Which 4 pp do you need to add in?

Application is more important than acquiring it!







36 – the sucker in the room & lollapalooza effect

Use cognitive biases. But not against you.

67 steps: strong emphasis on your mind.

You’ll stay in poverty if your mindset keeps low.

If you play poker & 30 minutes you don’t know who the sucker is: then you are the sucker!

Life’s competitive. Every person has their best interest at heart.

“if I don’t love me, who will?”

Mindset = iceberg, 90% invisible. Someone’s always trying to convince you. (adverts) persuasion’s everywhere.

You need to have own interest at heart. YouTube-ads we skip, but unconsciously we see them.

Lollapalooza effect. Never go to auction. Authority bias. They create scarcity. Reward bias. It creates pain if you lose. Forces are too powerful, don’t put yourself into this situation.

News is full of biases, they’re getting paid for it.

You cannot delete competition. You would be killed if your immune system wasn’t that strong.

Know that when exposed to smt, you need to be strong.

1.      Avoid auction media

2.      Strengthen mind

Use it to convince others, to use it for your advantage.

You need to realize how competitive life is. Put ppl to the test. They’ll withstand it, when they’re real.

Real cause of war: competition, raw materials were cause rubber, lumber, iron.

The worlds not evil, every party has its own agenda. Though. Also, mother-child. Child’s taking resources from mother. Its competition, we want other ppl to be suckers! It makes the world move forward.

Ppl work harder when they work for their own interests.


What’s a time in your life when you thought others had your best interests in mind, but actually they don’t?



37 – why restaurants fail

How to make 1 million with a restaurant? Start with 3 million!

Be angry at the right person, time for right reason. Always & never go to college are brainless decisions. (black / white)

3 classic factors: land, labor, capital. (land represents connections nowadays) land (skills, people)

Also, applies for your body. Land = ppl around you, labor = mindset, knowledge. Capital = quality food for good health.

Labor = Who do you work with? What do you_________?? Know about winning friends

H = s + v + c, H = happiness, c = conditions

Why restaurants fail? They haven’t the 3 land, labor, capital

Win wars = know terrains

Hard times winning, when you got no advantage over the other 7 billion ppl on earth.

Operate on your advantages. Labor = most ppl tries to increase (you got to learn if you wanna earn)

Capital: how get cash when you got none? Make more money out of some money! Bonds, debt, licensing, funding…

Have the balance between consumption & investment. Stoic vs. epicurean!

Start looking at things, isolate successful patterns! (rich friends, poor friends)

Calculate advantage against competitors. Be on a specific niche when competition’s too big. Buffet: no interest in Internet. So: niche found, if you gone compete against him.


In what you’re doing now, what’s your advantage? 8land)

Labor: how skilled are you?

Capital: access to cash? What do you need to work on?







38 – throwing idiots to the crocodiles

You wanna construct wall against this type of ppl, all relationships.

Limit the amount of choices: e.g. restaurants. Save time, efficiency. How we do that?

Who do you become an ally with? Who’s your competition? Competition against viruses, hurricanes.

You do well if you CAN chose your competitor. Business: who you wanna be around competition-wise? Charlie Munger: kid asked: what shall I do in life?

Munger: he had co-student in college. He knew all better regarding Astor engineering.

That was day he realized, he hadn’t any advantage. What you really wanna do, you wanna compete against idiots!

Fortunately, idiots are in large supply!

Match the big industry first. Within the industry:

Find the spot where there aren’t many geniuses. Peter Thiel: 0 to 1 book: There’s no profit in the long term. Competition gets into market, products get cheaper.

Look at your comparative advantage: Mexican farmer: oranges grow well, cause its sunny.

Apple trees can’t grow in Mexico. It’s not an advantage of Mexico. (comparable advantage)

Canada can sell Mexico apples, they can sell them oranges.

Find what you’re good at. Seek. Don’t give up too quick. Ppl you wanna be around: got to be idiots!

Restaurant: it’s your castle. Build a moat???? Around it.

Get rid of low-self-esteem-ppl.

There is ppl who accurately see who there are. (not super-good-looking etc.). If Angelina Jolie thought, she was more important than she was. These ppl you wanna avoid.

“Distorted-self-esteem” you wanna avoid too. Most violent ppl is those with too much self-esteem (distorted)

In business you wanna be around accurate ppl. When you have a distorted sense of self, you are unstable. You’ll always be assessed by the world as not good enough.

They will backstab you, because they think they’re higher, you’ll be a casualty. Look for like-minded ppl, you can count on!

Old friends are better than new ones. Use common sense to find out if it’s the right business partner. Spend time with ‘them assess ‘them, be stable.

Example of socially, romantically allied yourself with unstable ppl? What you want to do now?

How can you adjust your career so your competition quote on quo against idiots?

What are your advantages? What’s your moat?

What new allies you need to go out and make? What do you need to do different to build long-term allies?

Crocodiles are in your moat. You wanna throw the idiots there. It keeps you competitive. And you need stable allies.
























39 – alienating the 82% with your messy message

Peter Thiel: book 1 to 0. Most ppl is paralyzed by variety of possibilities. It just seems so big, supposed options.

Only all 500 years there’s a genius who can do all. Are most remembered for 1 thing: Einstein, Shakespeare etc. 18% you need to get to hear your message. Those can get engaged with you.:

Most innovation comes from people a niche. Over time & demographics you’ll get successful. (Bill Gates) underestimated his niche / success.

Paretto Princip: Section 1: you’re doing great if the 18% like / purchase from you.

Think globally, act locally.

Most businesses do good in the morning, cause of early adopters who buy, there biased.

Example: allies did D-Day together to attack a little front. They went to attack 18%.

The spirit “I can do a lot of things” is a mirage.

1.      Don’t talk to 100% of ppl at a party, look for the 18%.

2.      Don’t be afraid to focus on 18%, alienate the other 82%

Have as many advantages as possible, so others will overlook flaws. Don’t try to impress anyone.

Your goal: focus on 18%, others feel alienated automatically.

10 things which make ppl happy: focus on 2 important ones.

3.      Focus on niche, what’s the 18% to go after? Find your messy message, what’s your story of life. Father figures (good ones) act as mentors.

Most ppl – when it comes to hardships in life – shy away. M. Jordan: Believe in in evitability of your action & dreams & success. Life’s an aggregation of disappointments.

No-one wants to hear a singer unless he’s 9.5 / 10. 

Don’t care about the 82% much.

1.      What’s the 18% you gone focus on, niche?

2.      Who you gone stop pleasing you have been pleasing in the past?

3.      What’s your messy message? (Challenge, trauma)






40 – Practical pessimism

We learn, grow faster by hearing from the best of history. In life you’ll be bombarded. There’s 2 ways.

1.      Default mode: basically negative, always pessimistic

2.      Power of positive thinking’s important.

Both ways are true. “Practical pessimism” is the middle way.

Paris Hilton’s grandfather, Konrad Hilton: he says there was a turning point in his life: a book by Helen Keller, he was so struck by the concept of faith & optimism.

He hit a point of expansion, 1929 came: 70% of hotels closed. He had all thriving hotels, it was hard, he had to declare bankruptcy. Some loyal collaborators stayed in his single hotel. He had optimism, hadn’t his head in the sky though.

He was persuasive. There’s a certain necessity for faith

Kobe Bryant: don’t give up after 9 missed penalties, rise above crowd, see the future when no-one does.

Practical pessimism gets you to the goal.

If you wanna go from A to B, not optimism’s gone get you there. Do it with pessimism not negativity: prepare for the worst, so you can avoid bad things. Have motivating fear.

Use the right hammer in right time, length, place; you’ll get what you want.

Use the negative to be inventive (Konrad got persuasive after not having money to pay for the milk)

Helen Keller: she had practical pessimism & optimism. She figured out a way to communicate with the world. She used touch.

Contemplating downside, prepare for rainy days, cultivate skill, read more books.

Act before life hits you between eyes.

Simulate those time through practical pessimism

Find your own balance


Have you been too optimistic or pessimistic?

What’s the root of it?

What you do gone do differently?

What’s your optimistic end-goal & practical pessimistic?

Outcomes you gone head off before they hit you?

41 – Sam Chupp & Making, watching, wondering

Amish: 4 pillars: love, health, wealth, happiness

3 types of people: making, watching, wondering

Grandpa Lopez: tai answered what fire is important part of life. He knew, tai wondered.

When coming out of 67 steps, you need to be a person who knows stuff.

Knowledge is increasing fast, so there’s no need to be a walking encyclopedia.

Curiosity helped great ppl to do great things. You can always make things happen!

There aren’t any wonderers who have impact in life. Wonderers pass time & waste it.

In order to get ahead financially you need to be an outstanding person (impressive). So, you must know things therefore! Impressive ppl is perceived as such and get the benefits from it! Likeminded ppl attracts each other!

Dogs don’t ask: why is the fire hurting? Humans can ask, you need to know stuff

What would make YOU an impressive person?




The higher you get in the ladder, the harder it is to impress ppl. Increase curiosity quotient!

2 states: making & watching. Keep in these your whole life. Take your shot right now, age is unimportant.

Branson was dyslexic, he learnt reading in order to get successful. Be competent with technology around you! Know what options / task your phone can do)

Keep the curiosity on everything! About physical things: get more curious! And about biology / health. Watch your body more! Know things about money! Ask questions, know stuff, “for-dummies-books”. Love & romance. Don’t wonder! Know stuff! It’s harder to scam you. “the story of human body”, book of Liebermann.

What’s something you have been in state of wondering?

What you going to change?

what’s smt you’ve been good, how can you do even more?

What are you going to focus on first? Biology, money etc. attack the weakling first.


42 – Donuts – 250K-$-dollar

Cognitive biases of brain (25 main biases)

Film “Force Major”

If you’ve ever been mad at yourself: Most common one: “Miss-waiting-tendency”

Tai’s assistant got task to organize Donuts & get a 150£-check from a client. One day later: She came up just with the donuts. She said as explanation: “I can get it tomorrow”.

Lesson: You can get anything in Life. But not everything (at once)

One of the top skills you need to do: Priorities your life.

What things makes your life great? Media bias: they want to push you on THEIR agenda.

Game of life: you can choose to punch someone, after he bumped you. Perhaps he gets mad or crowd gets mad, so many possibilities. Prisonization it is.

Einstein: Make things simple. Life’s simple, but it’s not (keep healthy, get money) But there are many landmines between start & goal.

Don’t do donut-periodization: it’s easier to get donuts instead of the 150k$-check. Start with the hard stuff really early in the morning.

Amish: jump into smt hard, and it’ll be quickly finished halfway.

We often miss-priorities, because we tend to go the easiest way first. PROCRASTINATION!

Knock stuff out as soon as possible. Do a list: Daily to-do-list.

Commitment consistency: Don’t be the person who changes priorities from “donuts first” to “get 150$k-check”

Change priority when it’s not a priority anymore. “Is this as important as it was before”?

Ask yourself. Don’t be afraid of change. No physical law that you need to read a book from A to Z.

Search the gold nugget per day book. Don’t follow rules which are useless. Juggle few balls, stay focused. Take the life by the horns. Start with 4 goals, love, happiness, wealth, health. go up a level regularly.

Example recently of “missed waiting”?

4 goals: which do first? Write down all 4.

How alter day to do hard things first?

Priorities, you won’t get everything at once


43 – 20% weird Factor

Of all ways to get happy, interacting with ppl is the one to succeed

Everyone can be 20% weird. If more, you run into trouble.

Tai Lopez’ ex-collaborator.: more than 50% weird. He wanted to change working place. He changed then and wasn’t seen again. With all important business stuff & contract. He didn’t take into consideration the 20%-Factor rule.

Weirdness & insecurity

Physical appearance matter, you can’t dress weirder than 20%. The 20% are reserved for thinking out of the box, individualism.

Be careful of weird persons, dangerous. Humans judge others always.

Cabbage-minded-ppl: they just got an opinion because their mom was too e.g. strong, unfounded beliefs inability of being critical are dangerous. Some are so much ahead of the others though.

You need to allow some differences. Don’t be too judgmental.

Which person is critical in your life? What’s his/her weird factor.

Insecure. Who do you deal with insecure ppl? Who is in life most secure and you can phase them out in 18 months?














44 – Six-pack of mind

Focus on first things first

Reason we have hard times in life: it all begins in our minds.

1 cognitive bias give you a six-pack of mind: error-producing-thought-process: miss waiting.

Are you distracted (think about music, clothes etc.)?

Or do you focus on crucial stuff, your dreams, your future, self-improvement?

Which proportion of time do you spend sloshing, thinking about important stuff?

Priorities, prepare! It’s an everyday battle! Most ppl is penny-wise. They know about the little things, are dollar-foolish.

Use your brain power to think about useful stuff, about your big costs per month.

Start with big things, not with pencils in your office. For the same amount of time & energy you can think about big stuff.

Don’t second-guess yourself often. Ppl spend 100£ for shoes, but not for a book, which offers more advantages. Miss weighting. Go deep, not as wide, when investing.

Secret of life: Not putting all eggs in 1 basket and watch it.

Don’t feel worried when not finishing the whole book. Worry about your current life, not about losing job security.

Ppl are all worried about the wrong things. Overweight is more probable to kill you than any disease.

Priorities your life. Sit down in a dark room and write stuff down.

Example where your grocery mis weighted things?

Where have you under-invested in?

What specific one area is you going to spend 10 min per day on for improvement?

Don’t over or under-weigh things!







45 – Bone thugs & Harmony & Undoing chains of rat race

Tyranny of 1s & 15th is what dominates most ppl: finances. Most ppl is fearing the next date their rent, car etc. is due.

Most ppl is cycle-captive. How do we get away from this tyranny? You need to understand money, tyranny. It’s a very important part of life.

What’s opposite of monthly bills? Monthly income! It’s the solution! Everyone wants to rise above the others. How can one create income that’s not for just 1 time?

Your income has to move into this paying clocktower. The solution has been the 9 to 5 job.

Now we got a gigantic rat race!

We are a costumed to it, our parents have it before us. 1000 of years ago, who controlled money?

Warriors & tribes, they took what they wanted. Explorers, kings too.

We’re in a new time, the mind of the future is the entrepreneur one’s.

Financial independence = not completely under tyranny. You got wealth, impact, possibilities, freedom. Change habits will be start for success. Learn from ppl who made it, evolution, laws of money must happen / know!

Goal: Avoid tyranny, best time in history to adopt & apply laws of attraction. Earlier in time only conquerors could be successful. Now, everyone, black, woman can. We live in a time of opportunity! How can we even sleep?!

Invest! Willing to invest now to get more in the future. Investor mentality instead of consumer mentality!

Entrepreneur: creative innovator. Most rich ppl are investors, not day-traders e.g.

In which ways are you under tyranny / have been of 1st & 15th expenses?

In what ways have you adapted the 9 – 5 way of earning money & how’s holding you back?

What tangible can you do right now to start becoming an investor / entrepreneur through books / seminar etc.?







46 - Allan Nation’s a-1000-sheep

Anything you do-to have impact – you need skill & ability

Apple: Prototype costed ca. 30mio$: testing, development, material, research. Scalability!

You wanna scale your book-reading, be faster, precise etc.

Allan: It’s like raising sheep: Hard part: When having 50 sheep & 9 to 5 job; you don’t know what you going, it’s too much. You need to juggle both. Better go step by step: not from the beginning 300 lbs, 10 lbs for the first step, you need the experience, know-how.

Begin with 5 sheep: not taking many hours. Catch: most put’ them to an organized system. They treat ‘them like pets. Problem is: if you wanna scale to 500 sheep later, you won’t have time to treat ‘them like pets anymore. They don’t have the big idea in mind. Prepare for the big system later and treat the beginning 5 as you had 500 sheep.

Practice the big idea on a little amount, so its manageable, you don’t burn out, you can keep your employee job. Someday, the time comes, you’ll be prepared for more sheep. Cause you’ll need so little time for the 5 sheep.

Now, you can literally go to 1000 sheep. At 500 sheep, you can quit your job.

Regarding love, health, wealth, happiness: it’s the same: begin on a small scale, it’s a miniature version.

Also works for 5min-happiness. Find out the reasons for it, then you can be happy all day.

It’s all about systems. Tai example: friend threw parties at his own house, every Monday. Every colleague brought a colleague of his. So, over the years he built a new network of hundreds of acquaintances.

Tai’s Night Club Business: On the First fight, 20 ppl came. Next fight: 5 – 10$ per admittance, ordered pizza. 200 ppl came: one needs “bouncers”, securities, bodyguards then. Make your mistake with the miniature version, to be prepared for the big idea.

Forge automated, working systems. Path to scalability it is!

Where have you ignored scalability, so you stayed tiny or where you jumped into 1000 sheep and failed?

What’s a simple idea you can practice on 5 sheep to prepare for the 1000 sheep?






47 – 5%-tweak, when good enough is perfect

Make war with multitude of counselors.

Most ppl falls into 1 of 2 extremes: you jump in immediately, get results, not much systems, not paralyzed, socially.

Second: engineering-type, not quitting till everything is sorted out, perfectionism, precise, but struggling with getting started.

Perfectionism vs. moment-builders. There’s no right or wrong

Animal I neck-system is a nearly perfect thing. A lion is there to eat the old, ill and weak. Nature’s lesson! He’s in the right setting, context.

Stop feeling guilty when not being perfectionist. You needn’t be perfect. Some things in life you’ll encounter not as your naturelle. As lion in the ocean

????Tools when out of your element: make a 5%-tweak at a time????’

Focus on the next rock hold when you’re climbing. Not too much focus on the way down.

When you want to lose 100lbs, focus on the first 5 lbs (5%-tweak), step by step.

Purpose of enterprise: Create customer, someone you never did business with. Focus on 1 paying customer. Do samples, sell ‘them cheap, create momentum.

“switch” by author height.

Nothing janky: how much information you need before het in / invest?

40% - 70% but nothing janky. Avoid too little preparation / information though

Janky: office, which is slobby, messy desks, etc. untidy. Most don’t research on competitors, they jump in after 5 minutes.

Good enough is perfect. Find the balance.

Example where have been paralyzed by inaction?

You wanted to gather ??? than 70%?

Other extreme: where have you been too sloppy?

What do you gonna do to be the lion in right place?

What news strategy you got?




48 - M. Jordan Swagger & American Idol Syndrome

2 extremes being confident: key value in life. Needed the risks. When yielded incorrectly it causes tremendous loss.

M. Jordan: ppl considers him part human, extraordinary level of confidence. Coaches say never met someone that teachable. Blended with confidence – plus he listened better than anyone else – it was the super blend!

Secret of life: ignore 99% of ppl, listen to specialists, the 1%!

Don’t do democratic listening! Listen to the person who was 200 pounds and now is lim. Get the M. Jordan swagger!

You’ll get a level of confidence very high with several coaches. Even if he thought, the coach was wrong, he listened. It’s not cocky, its confidence when listening to hi coach.

Over-optimism is a big human bias. Though.

Don’t be over-confident, there’s no universal physics law that you succeed. Don’t let it work against you.

IQ 20%, potential 80% (Confidence)

IQ 80%, Potential 20% (Cockiness)

M. Jordan had swagger, wasn’t cocky. Exercise knowledge, intelligence, wisdom.

American Idol syndrome: When you see the ppl who can’t sing you ask yourself: do they listen to themselves? Delusion!

No-one’s going to buy your music if you can’t sing. J. Lo’s entertaining, not best singer. You can’t fool ppl all the time. They can’t overlook you flaws always.

You got to earn the “I have swagger”-mentality.

Confidence comes after you do the hard part. Don’t use arrogance to push you forward. Ppl who say they’re the best before they actually are: don’t be one of ‘them.

Display of faith during process to the goal is ok.

No-one’ll be offended when you say “I revolutionize myself when doing this, this and this”.

Example of you being democratic reg. listening to ppl?

Example you perceiving and going beyond Jordan’s swagger to delusion? How you going to proceed with this knowledge?

What area can you practically change?


49 – Why JayZ & Buffet Like Baseball

Benjamin Graham: Video JayZ, Buffet & Forbes: In life you don’t wanna make a lot of mistakes. Someone always going to say although: “you need mistakes to learn”. Yes, but lower the number of mistakes!

They did a lot of business mistakes, but fewer than others. You’ll be doing great if you do too.

How you do not make mistakes? Artists-copy, mentoring, cognitive bias, mimicking, being alert, adaptable.

Buffet: Baseball, hit as much base hits as possible. Accuracy goes down like this. Home run or fail-Strategy. Don’t go always home-run. Quiet desperation it is. Slow & steady wins the race. Like this, body and environment have time to change with you.

Buffet: Sometimes it takes him years to find a good deal. Just hit one base hit.

How can you lose 1 pound? First step:  stop negative inertia (Trägheit)

When being not healthy, start putting on weight at least. Stop the bleeding = first base, install yourself there, you need some time.

Make 1 small acquaintance, create positive momentum. (second base) Now third base: start getting another ppl noticing.

“Have you lost weight” “the meals on me”

Don’t let it retch up. You can’t rewire thing too fast. Last run: financial independence, muscle body = goal. A place you’ve never seen before.

Happiness: step-by-step-happiness, memory happiness. Most goals aren’t unrealistic when having the time. Almost everyone can do better than they do right now.

Example of you in the 4 areas going home run at once & what’s result?

Example of smt you wanna change in 4 areas and how break down to 1st baseline etc. practical, specific steps.








50 – mastering wrong things blue-eyed numb nuts

If clones, you could do a lot of stuff. More realistic: delegate to another ppl. How we get things done?

We need to self-reliant. Ppl who get things done, popular ppl are masters in self-reliance.

Be a master or delegate to master. Inversion’s the key: get a master to teach / do it à get a master yourself à teach others to be masters.

1st thing: you need to know what you can’t do.

1st rule: in the 4 areas: you need to master the right thing.

When perfecting your body: don’t master wrong thing (M. Jackson)

It’s a tragedy to master wrong this. Commitment bias: when smt doesn’t work, kill it and move to another experiment. Know your constitution, you need to know what makes you happy.

The young doctor fattens the graveyard. You don’t wanna be the first nor the last person to do something. Numbnut = dummies.

Someone not showing mastery = numbnut

Don’t give 2nd chance when it’s about important thing

Bring experienced ppl to help you. When hiring ppl, they need to be good at first time.

Only masters are remembered. Start small, then monopolies.

We can’t be 99/100 in a lot of things!

Where have you been master in wrong things?

Time, when you trusted someone who didn’t have experience although your trust?

Example where you should have moved on because there were numbnuts but kept with them.

What are you going to be 95/100 master?









51 – Chatting with Wittgenstein’s Lion

If a lion could speak, you wouldn’t understand it.

If you go to China, when swearing a smile: Words have no meaning, they won’t be offended.

Words shouldn’t be over- nor underestimated.

Communication’s more important.

Most important thing in social life: you must be understood

Your focus should be are my words understood by the other party. Don’t be egocentric. It’s the base of persuasion.

Language’s not natural to humans. The level we have right now is very advanced. It out-paced our capacity to learn all languages.

It’s natural for us to make noises, crawl etc. language isn’t. when arguing / disagreeing you might sound like Wittgenstein’s lion TO THEM.

Foundation of what you want = it’s around another humans.

We must be more skilled in what we say. If you talk too monotone, ppl cut you out of listening.

Words take a lot glycogen to listen to.

 The right thing the wrong time is the wrong thing.

Timing of the message. Don’t ask for a raise when the CEO is yelling at the phone.

You don’t want to have ppl work against you. 100 weak persons are stronger than 1 strong.

Time, when you take words too seriously?

Example where you didn’t realize words are mightier then you thought?

How can you be more appropriate, to use words to be more persuasive? Firm also.









52 – pareto Efficiencies & Business Triple Entente

Being entrepreneurial is less risky than ppl thinks.

Pareto efficiency defined as win-win.

Trick ppl looks advantages on first sight. Win-lose-situation. You won’t fool all ppl all the ppl.

There’s no reason to go to war if there’s no reason.

All great war lords tried to pull some compromise. Mastering Pareto & Social interaction & business go hand in hand. Peter Drucker:  Purpose of business is: Create a customer, making a friend, anally!

Everything you do, we need companion-love.

Money with loneliness is not good.

 1st way: Level 1 business: pareto inefficient win-lose

Criminal: winner in his own mind.

Fast food industry: their winning, it harms your wealth

Someday they’ll be critiqued (GDI) try to stay away. Mass revolution won’t wipe you out. We have an inherited fairness programmed in ourselves set an 18-month-plan to get out.

“Lower” ppl going to work at a Level1-business

Level2: neutral. /Hotel chain) not hurting, not revolutionizing world. Upgrade to level 3: coffee spot for socializing.

Level 3: win-win. Give your money, they love you when giving you money. Opera pulled off a super Level3-business

Going level 3 doesn’t mean you lose income. Don’t get confused by ppl who say money is evil. It’s a tool.

If working out alone, you’ll be lazy. When having the right competition (colleague) it’s easier.

You make more money, with less friction.

Level1 is manipulative, when your customers join forces. there’s no forgiveness. Good systems have forgiveness-built in. (farm: draught, heavy rains etc. Dark days will come better have forgiveness built in.

You need to buffer in business. Things will go wrong. Only downside: you need to be creative.

Don’t to manipulate ppl. Be charismatic & persuasive.

Alcohol: you win when wanting to forget things., in the long-term your body decays faster than it should. The win-lose catches up in the long-term.

Which level is your career in? 1, 2, 3?

How do you feel about this level-up?

What can you do - besides career – to move?

More into win-win (physical health, relations, happiness?)

























53 – 2nd rules never forget the 1st rule!

Trade is necessary in a world in which we don’t build our own house, grow food etc.

We live in a world of specialization.

Primary thing in life: how to capture value?

When creating value, you must share it to capture value. You need a system to capture that. All self-made have a vehicle, system.

Game company: ppl think/give games value, although they have none perhaps.

Quality of life: how many monies can you capture?

Buffet: Rule 1: Don’t lose money

Rule 2: Remember the 1st rule!

M. Jordan’s coach: He was practicing the basics each day. Not always about most sophisticated concepts!

Buffet: Important: Go into business with understanding! Value of anything financially is life-time earnings of it.

When buying 50£-stock: …………………………….

Fundamentals are important different styles can win

Mother Theresa knew how to persuade ppl, she was a fund raiser. Get-rich-quick-scams don’t work. Real Business needs time.

Put value in your brain, get it into a system.

Value needs to be perceived, another ppl needs to go “uh!”

????? 3- fast-world: have we enough value in head?

Is value perceived positively by ppl?

They make more money cause: in demand, rare, scarce.

career I’m in: has its enough chances? World doesn’t respond to need. It does to seed. Focus develop one skill. Be so good they can’t ignore you?

What’s your super power you can offer to the world?

How well are you capturing it now?

What’s 1 thing you can do to add value?


54 – chess-like Assiduity & Armchair Meditation

Got to gave your ass on their chair! Assiduity = constant attention

Balanced thinking. Sometimes thinking, sometimes seeing big pictures.

Step 1: designated area, do some reading, get away from everything, at least 3, 4 times a week practice deep thinking, think ahead (chess).

New way to approach problems. Just take 1 at a time. Let mind wander, focus. Deep thinking ahead of 1 problem. Start day-dreaming with a goal.

“why hasn’t worked project / thing x”? “was it someone else”? come up with a solution.

“I stopped running cause twisted ankle”, “I ate junk food then” “Is all junk food bad?”

In the moment being depressed, you’ll diagnose correctly. But you don’t come up with a solution. Therefore, multistep thinking.

1: Most ppl doesn’t do the armpit meditation.

2: Your minds going to be distracted

3: make sure you going to multilayer: why? Any other reasons? When? What if?

Be honest with answers.

Make sure to add in external / knowledge. Feet up, lay flat is healthier than sitting

Blend of wisdom form others is the key. Raw ingredients + oven = result

What’s no. 1 reason you never done it before?

Cause never heard of it? cause you’re to stressed?

Which spot you going to take?

What is 1 problem in 4 areas you need to tackle?









55 – 7 habits of highly unsuccessful ppl

How to invert your way into getting what you want?

“7 habits of effective ppl” book of A. Lincoln: “I learn from anyone I meet, sometimes I learn heat NOT to do.”

Sometimes you remove what can’t be true, what’s left is the truth. Even if it’s not likely.

When you discover things: get better at reading signs & hints. You can’t research everything before you act. Invert questions? E.g. how can you get unhealthy fast? How to get unhappy fast?

What you need to do to get unhappy fast?

What you need to get unsuccessful?

Sloth & unreliable with yourself

Do the whole 67 days! To rewire brain! If you save 10% of your earnings from 16 on, you’ll be fine with 65.

Lack of communication – dangerous

Quick to be unhappy: don’t go out with another ppl

Make some extraverted friends. You must know yourself. Some learn from been in the eastern world, some materialistic. No black / white lines. Person with highly independent life will be ridiculed by others.

How start business? How gets investors?

Invert: Dumb idea, never tell anyone, no experience, only planning, never launch, all investment, in day 1. Be observant. Ppl who don’t get desired results. Invert to get to know ingredients you need.

What’ll not get you healthy? Social, wealth, happiness.










56 – floating across pacific on a raft

Blend of several ingredients gets the desired results.

Books about successfulness: many things, but most important character trait: no sloth, no laziness. (Charlie Munger) Tai: Courage!

There’s much momentum in life (Most getting fat) Negative momentum in general.

Wealth: average person saves 1% of income.

Ppl give their wealth to others to manage / use. Don’t be caught up in what average ppl do. Film “Unbroken” Angelina Jolie. Raft story.

Read books about courage, a lot of success is courage, not luck. Did things, millions of ppl wouldn’t.

Sitting bull, famous Indian chief: Most respected one was the chief.

You can teach yourself to have more courage

Ppl are more afraid of ppl public speaking than cancer or sharks

Read biographies of “sitting bull” or Nöldi.

Go under shower: shower cold, cry out “courage”!

Really test courage: stand-up comedy. Social things ppl has most fear about.

What’s example of opportunity you missed because you were afraid?

How is someone who you look up to & can study? Practical action you can do today? Little thing.












57 – Unstoppably & Sherlock Holmes Sleuthing

You can tell a lot about someone’s future potential.

Unstoppably: “Ask me anything about subject X”

From whom would you prefer to get surgery? The one who’s curious or the one who doesn’t know how much bones there are in the human body.

Be the person you want to be a mentor to, you wanna invest in. look into mirror.

Get more unstoppable. Who would want into health business if person doesn’t know how much bones there are?

Check yourself before wrecking yourself.

Steve Jobs: When asking jobs about computers. Are you sure you can stop him?

Up the curiosity. “Curious” or “curiosity” book. Base emotion you need to have, what he talks about. if you’re not curious you need to generate passion & energy. IT takes a lot of energy to solve problems. You have to create vast energy & passion.

S. Holmes was sleuthing things out, because he was aware!

Test: “What does F8 do?” Cut time wasted to get to know things you use all day.

Find out all functions of keyboard. That’s Holmes sleuthing Create this habit. It rewires your brain and is useful long-term.

Repetition, repetition, my brain is not the old one it was several months ago.

Learn! You’ll find clues. Your worth-a-damn factor raises!

Got to have deep knowledge about your destiny. Have deep passion & motivation about your body.

Waisted size? Which ingredients? Etc. Up the curiosity! Benefits are infinite.

We can’t aspire to what we’ve never seen, we are to slimly around successful ppl.

Pareto principle?????


To what questions you don’t know answers?

What keeps you from Holmes-sleuthing?

Practical thing, area you can learn more today? No procrastinating

Be so good they can’t ignore you!


58 – death by faint & Munger’s grandfather. What you don’t want to hear from others about you

Mungers grandfather: Real opportunities come to you seldomly. Rarely, ppl seize opportunity. Most ppl is patiently impatient. We don’t do stuff today. Don’t wait to new year’s resolution!

When found opportunity: seize it. Seize it big!

Myth: we’ll have a lot of opportunities. It’s like we were immortal. Let’s say I forgot 3 opportunities. It’s like: 2 are randomly put in your life: How does it affect your life? You get aware of your mortality.

Death by faint praise: problem is we don’t miss opportunities fully, we’re passed by being pretty good. No-one wants to promote “pretty good”, “not impressive enough to get employed”

Life’s long if you know to use it. ppl is either complaining about own money or perusing another ppl’s money.

You’re living as you’re living forever. It’s almost impossible to fail! You won’t starve.

When it comes to desires: we don’t put time & effort into it, so they can’t ignore us!

You need to live like you’re mortal, need to impressive. Prepare for what’s difficult when its easy

Are things you fear really that fearful? Go out, make a commitment.


Satisfaction comes from: “I couldn’t have done it better”, I did the best

Excellence captures opportunity

Hours & practice, refinement & preparation for opportunities. Mis waiting bias; we can’t see the losers.

If you can win at the big opportunities, you’ll be visible. You get 1 mio followers, if 1mio can’t ignore you! Tai’d rather try smt big than being ignored.

Better fail than being ignored! Die with impact! It’s an opportunity game!

Bulk up muscles before jury judges you! Long preparation. Perfect your brain, body. Prepare for seizing opportunities.

Example of big opportunity you missed?

What is reason you missed it? (skill, laziness, talent, bad timing)

In that area you wanna grab your opportunity what do you need to double-down to be ready, what makes you more excellent?



59 – diligent celebrity % meeting the king

How to get local celebrity status:  a man diligent & skilled will stand before kings, not average man. All want to be star.

Don’t you wanna be star in your specific group? (you care about)

Why don’t we get it? (bad parenting, IQ etc.)

Skilled & diligent will be recognized. It has to be smt you’re naturally good at.

Has there ever been a random guy who plays a Lakers game? Never.

You need to be skilled to join the team. There are soft & hard skills. Hard: tangible.

Ppl tend to have intangible skills. “I’m persuasive, creative, good listener” problem: difficult to measure. Hard: “I’m an accountant” “I can program x & y”

Ask yourself which soft & hard skills you got. Make list. List tends to be very short.

Respect of peers is valuable, sweet feeling.

It’s a good goal to strive for admiration of your peers. In life you need broad skillset: diligence

Stack your life with tangible skills, it’s your tool belt.

Soft skill: how to motivate yourself. Hard skill: how to line out & execute a plan.

Have tangible skill when having social situation: how to close a deal, being interesting, apt to present before an audience.)

Learn a language.

A man must know his limitations. Build intangible skills too. Know yourself.

Be able to do your taxes, change your car e.g. Many ppl doesn’t know how to learn.

Don’t show off, get respect from others. It’s important for anyone. We are social. We must earn respect. List out your:

- intangible skills

Tangible skills (health, wealth, happiness, social)

In what area can you strive to be a local hero?

Get motivation from being respected by others.




60 – the Dutch big gulp

Readjusting pace of success. It’s an oxymoron. “we’re too soon old, too late smart”. Humans always think that: “if I knew, I would have…”

You look back at 20, when being 30. Live your life so that fear of death never reaches you.


Patient Impatience vs. Impatient patience


The pace of learning of most ppl is Patient Impatience


Don’t act as if you were immortal.

The time to act is now! Not on 31st December. Ppl train & rewire brain for the Dutch big gulp.

They get a big piece vastly. Learn to gulp!

Musk’s a gulper. He works 100 hours a week instead of 40 hours. If your time spending feels like work, you’re not immortal! Gulp it!

Gulping reflex is for protection! There’s a time to slow down & the contrary.

Some ppl gets impatient after playing piano 1 week. They doze off, don’t are persistent.

They’re throttling, when they should gulp.

Make haste slowly. Be quick once you’re in. don’t gulp. Set piano lessons once a month, be consistent. When at dead end job: decide to start side-job: set an 18-month goal.

Goal 1: customer, then 2 ….

Don’t go too fast, throttle. Lose weight, 2 kg, over a long period of time. Be in for the long haul!

Make haste quickly, make haste now! Once you’re in, be patient, walk around the black, before trying a marathon,

Pyramid of success: some are at scarcity level, some are below surface (Trump debt)

Most are PIs (patiently impatient). From Trump debt to billionaire is too hard. Try step by step.

When looking at years of struggle: often good memories. It’s more likely to stay. What goes up fast, goes down fast again.

You can’t gulp life overnight (be good at language, social life and painting) fix the first nail, go step by step. Don’t be one of the “new-years-resolution-ppl”

If overweight, don’t wait to new year. Massive action NOW!

Example where you “PI-ed”, where you had a very far-away goal and just tried 1 or 2 days to accomplish it?

Example when you “IP-ed”, no procrastination and stuck to it patiently. Who is faithful in the little, will be entrusted with a lot?

Don’t build life around anomalies. You won’t win always at black jack? Reading?

what’s smt you think you’ve bene throttling because you feared overdoing it, but can’t be really be overdone?























61 – the $495k-Honda-accord. Real value of money

1.      Everything entails cost that you do.

2.      Because of that: some things seem free (diner at colleagues). In a certain sense, it’s not. Time’s ticking for anyone of us. (opportunity cost)

Most misunderstood mistakes come of misinterpretation of opportunity costs. (Charlie Munger)

Top hedge-fund-manager makes 2mio$ an hour, Winfred makes some 100$ an hour etc. For the manager going to see a movie, the opportunity costs to see the movie would be $4 mio.

Problem with our decisions: our hardwiring comes from a time were there weren’t many choices, opportunities

Our ancestors hadn’t a complex world as we have it now.

We are stuck: the world today demands to know opportunity costs & long-term opp. Costs

Spending ALWAYS creates wealth!

Cheap tools are often cheap for a reason! The better you are investing; the more expensive buying movie tickets get.

McDonalds brothers cashed out at some point Mr. Croc offered them. They forgot about the opportunity costs. They better had kept their shares. They gave up millions of dollars per year!

For an instant, short-term Benefit. They could’ve it in another business / stock market

Rule of 72: Divide interest rate into 72: that tells you the years to double money. Ca. 9 years to double, over a life time. (30k) that’s going to be a fortune.

True value is different than ppl thinks.

Real value of money’s not taught in school. Knowledge’s nothing- Only adjusted instincts are important. Price of junk food: it’s not $3, it decreases your health, so is much more expensive.

Future money, if invested is the true value of money. You can quantify your weight. Also, your happiness. How many days have you been tap-dancing?

How many ppl can you count on when lost everything?

How many freedom units (money) do you got?


Wanna change world? You need to change how millions of ppl spend their money. Don’t protest, don’t occupy Wall Street. Bet with your debit card.

Each person gets another person: 100 colleagues. Each of ‘them tells 2 other colleagues & so on. Money’s powerful. A powerful tool. When wielded by fools more!

We must get better at allocating the freedom units we got in our bank account    

Spending is an inevitable thing. If it’s put in your house, inflation will “spend it”. You got to understand how money works.

Look to future: all you’re spending could be worth more 15 times. (Buffet, Bezos)

Rule of 72 (8% / 72 = 9 years till doubling investment. Know how’s the sucker in the room! that person makes the others wealthy.

Assess situation and allocate your money well! No-one taught our parents, nor us!

Important that you know 10 times in 10 years. Opportunity costs, 10 times in under 10 years (investment) If someone gives you 10$, give him back 100$ value back.

Once a month: look at what you spend your money on.

Assess your things you buy, if they bring you 10 times. Example you spent on things the low of 15 is applicable?

What % on your spending’s are on depreciating things?

What change / way of spending you need to do to have more spending units?

















62 - $20 Billion Gift From stranger & Building Forgiveness into the Land

Once you changed a habit, you can repeat the program to change other habits.

Creating success & fall back.

Lock in your success with ultra-awareness, keep a little fear, you can fail again.

Buffet: I never want to invest in kindness of strangers.

You must build life, systems which have a large margin of safety (he has $20 billion in cash) he doesn’t want to wait for a bank to invest, when he identifies an investing opportunity.

Also, he has a safety margin, when the rainy days come.

Make sure you keep cash. How big should buffer be? Expenses monthly times 3 at least.

You should have more than 1 account. Prevent begging when rainy days come, when accountant dies, moves or whatever.

When coming to health: gain some muscle, build forgiveness. Perhaps you have an accident = can’t walk or Christmas eating. Prepare. Age better with strong immune system.

Start stocking up when you’re healthy. Memory happiness.

Sharing food stores good will in others when giving food away for another ppl.

Healthy friendships: you need to be able to give & take. Double-down on friends you already have.

Build forgiveness for when you need it. Build for the worst when you’re happy, make video. Be super-happy, make video. Be super-happy, when there’s the possibility. (Build a happiness bank)

Got to build a social network too-

Health: when is easy, when being young: time to get to learn! Yoga: Investing in joints. Have a big band of forgiveness: when get laid-off: have alternatives.

When moving have built-up friendships

Have fitness. Stretch your forgiveness number out, the less it’ll impact you negatively.

Where in body haven’t you enough forgiveness (fitness)?

Area of wealth where not enough forgiveness, social life, happiness?





63 – Alexander the Great’s Aggression & Truth about your age

He was very effective at getting what he wanted, had huge aspirations

Tai bought Lamborghini because it’s a reminder of what’s your goal today!

When we’re afraid we act as we were mortal, when it comes to our desires, we act as we are immortal. We should be interested in short-time goals.

Ppl who are on the rise almost every day are moving towards their goal.

Never be someone an investor wouldn’t invest in.

Invest in your investor mentality!

Invest in person who has momentum. Don’t act immortal, there’s no reversal of time

Alexander’s a great role model. Forget your birth certificate age.

How many days you got left from now till death?

It’s the years you got left, which count.

Do things TODAY! Rewire your brain now! You might not know all to lose weight today, but you know SOMETHING. Multiple micro-actions are better than 1 large action.

Piano lessons: go to YouTube, might not be the best, but start somewhere!

We procrastinate cause there’s a weird combination between fear & abundance.

Don’t do new year’s resolution. Chains of habits are too weak to be ……… until too strong to be broken.

You can’t unwire 20 years of bad habits in 20 days.

Once you begin your journey, be patient, become IP

Lambo in video: You hide the broccoli behind the cheese, it shows / incentivizes reward things great ppl have done.

Alexander: he came to city “tire”: it took him 3 years to conquer city. He was impatient once he hit an obstacle, he stuck with it patiently. IP-mentality!

Only track you have start as you going to die tomorrow but stick with it as you live forever

Health: cardio, diets, weights = physical health

Wealth = investing, insurance & entrepreneurialism, social = friends, family, romance

Happiness = intangibles (music, travel, paint) wisdom, balance (not extreme ideologies, not need to prove oneself)

Abundance comes from mastery (4 pillars, 3 suppliers)

What keeps us from abundance? Opposite is fear its misunderstanding of abundance. We fear being homeless after investing.

We recover fast nowadays! Don’t fear investing. Be more abundant

 only time we haven’t abundant!

Use lack of time to be impatient today and then use understanding of abundance to be sticky, patient

Through every generation in humanity there’s a constant war: war of fear. There are the ones who have courage to conquer fear OR those who are conquered by it, suffer and die. You decide which side you’re on. Alexander was attacking fortress. Wall. Siege tower. They went offer nearly. On top, Alex jumped over, only with 2 bodyguards.

They were outnumbered. Alex overcame fear and they slaughtered the rival army. Alex survived.

Go do smt today.

Example of long-term-goal (4 areas) which should’ve been done earlier?

What is smt you can do right after this video is finished, you “IP” on, how can you stick with it?
















64 – forgetting who’s in the room

You and I have been burned some time in our life by someone’s advice.

When it comes to success, most ppl fails, cause partly, you listen to someone, you make yourself vulnerable. They betrayed you or it just was bad advice. Most ppl is just not thinking & doing their thing.

We’re surviving machines, adaptive machines. When you were betrayed, you reprogrammed your brain: “don’t listen to ppl”. Mistake.

It’s what you DO, what dictates your life.


What you think may change what you do


know who’s in the room! get input from someone wiser than you!

Sometimes you haven’t anything to add when some mentors or super-intelligent ppl are in the same room.

Know who’s in the same room. you should contribute to the cause.

Don’t be the know-it-all always, when ppl with same IQ-Level are in the room.

Tai-story: NY. Top Internet-guy. Tai just let him talk.

It was insane what knowledge he knew.

Let the right ppl talk.

When you got a hammer, every problem looks like a nail: “never listen to others” etc. strategies must differ, there’s no universal strategies. When you’re in a room with babys and break your leg, you going to fix it yourself. Different hammer as when you are with a room with doctors.

Going straight to the top: the to 35% are not your parents, because you haven’t learnt much from ‘me, if you need the 67 steps.

Bob Marley: cancer started in his toe, medic said. He didn’t hear, wanted to listen. He went to Spas instead.

“money can’t buy life”

gain ability to find mentors

example of time where should’ve listened to that you haven’t at the time

example of moment you were in a room with unqualified ppl, you let them plant shit into your head?

How can you surround yourself around ppl who deserve your respect, what can you do today?